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Company Highlights

Top 10 Global Auto Manufacturers are customers, companies like General Motors, Ford, Toyota, and Honda

$11.6M Revenue in 2018, 2.3x Revenue from 2016
Raised over $37M+ from more than 200 accredited and institutional investors

70%+ Gross Margins since 2015

Winners: Vision Systems Design Innovators Award

Received the Gold 2018 Innovators Award for Predator3D™ Bead Inspection

Flagship Product Predator3D™ revenue has grown 778% from 2016 to 2018

Solving a 100 year old problem of not being able to see

The Eyes of Automation

The problem and the constraint for manufacturers is not being able to see "the process" well enough to manage it. It’s so bad that, 50 years ago, someone came up with statistical sampling as a solution. Imagine. Manufacturers pull a part out of the line and test it. Maybe one part out of 100. That was good enough up until the 70s, but it’s a serious constraint today. Of course, they use gauges in-line, too, in the few places where they can. And, a few decades ago, they started using computer vision (basically, either tv cameras or things like price code scanners in the grocery store). But the manufacturing process is not like a Hollywood TV studio, so, all too often, computer vision has been limited and subject to reliability problems.

Machines can’t see what they are doing. Manufacturers make up for this by making their movements highly precise and scripting every single step, essentially allowing them to work blind. But manufacturing mistakes are still made, more often than we would like to admit. Even today, manufacturers use rudimentary 2D computer vision (essentially TV cameras) to do basic quality control, but the process is still highly limited, leading to unnecessary costs and delays. Until now.

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Our Solution

Enter Coherix. Enter 3D Vision.

Remember the first introduction of computers with the ability to access and disseminate information online (the Internet)? The Internet was difficult to comprehend and it had some bumps along the way, but today, the entire world relies on it. Coherix believes its intelligent three dimensional (3D) vision sensors are on a similar transformational path in providing critical information to forever improve manufacturing.

How? Our intelligent sensors, combined with our proprietary software, collect and analyze critical information points on every part being manufactured to allow operators to achieve the highest quality products.

What is Coherix, exactly?

We create three-dimensional (3D) laser-based machine vision solutions for automotive, electronics, aircraft and general manufacturing.

High-resolution, rapid, rugged and reliable machine vision solutions to gather and parse critical process data. Leveraging unique part variation history to enable self-guided robots to inspect and intelligently adapt to changes in the process. We think of ourselves as “the eyes of automation.”

Core Products


Inspects and controls the process of dispensing adhesives and sealants.

Robust 3D

Error proofing in automotive, electronics, and general manufacturing.


Designed for error proofing in the electronics and semiconductor industries.

Why Coherix, and Why Not Sooner?

Because 3-D vision was very difficult to develop. Coherix was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan: the home of the hologram, optical fiber, the University of Michigan's ERIM Labs, and the global center of machine vision research. It took decades of research and millions of dollars, but now easy to use 3D machine vision has arrived.

Our Customers Speak for Themselves

At Coherix, we provide 3D vision solutions to some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, collaborating closely with them to forge solid, long-term relationships. We work with companies you know, like Ford, Panasonic, Fiat-Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and GM.

"My entire career has been focused on identifying and developing advanced technology to solve tough manufacturing problems allowing our customers to achieve manufacturing excellence. There is a manufacturing revolution underway which involves a paradigm shift – inspection isn’t good enough anymore– we must blend manufacturing experience, process knowledge, and information being collected to create real time process control systems to prevent defective products from being produced. We are excited about being a leading part of the manufacturing revolution."

testimonial author
Dwight Carlson, Coherix CEO

Coherix Chairman and CEO, Dwight Carlson Received the Prestigious S. M. Wu Manufacturing Leadership Award in 2008

Joining other leaders from companies like Ford, General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, Honda and Toyota.

Shien-Ming Wu’s philosophy was “Global competitive companies possess three characteristics:"

  • Knowledgeable Leadership. Leaders who possess in-depth knowledge of the product and the manufacturing process.
  • Empowered Workers. Workers with the appropriate education and training, who are empowered to take responsibility for the performance of the process.
  • Superior Technology. Technology that is most effective in improving the product and the Process.

Read more about the award on Coherix's website.

A Pure-Play Investment Opportunity

100% of each dollar invested will benefit specifically from the future success of 3D machine vision; it's our sole focus.

Key Details to Consider


Industry Details

  • Global Overall Machine Vision Market — 2024 - $14.6B | 2018 - $9.1B CAGR of 8.2% from 2019-2024.
  • Global 3D Machine Vision — 2026 - $3.98B | 2017 - $1.26B CAGR of 13.5%.
  • The Future — A transformation is occurring. All autos and planes must be lighter for fuel economy, emission standards and battery range – that demands reducing weight. Highly engineered lightweight materials joined by sophisticated adhesives meet this demand.
  • Coherix is The Future — Our electronics and battery-powered electric vehicles sealant applications protect the electronics, are critical to the life of the electronics and batteries, and provide corrosion resistance. This is a once in a generation opportunity as the shift to EVs growing 50% year over year, all needing this type of product in their manufacturing process

Financial Details

  • SEC Qualified — Coherix has been qualified by the SEC to sell shares to the public
  • Pre-IPO Investment — Proceeds used to hire sales and marketing resources to meet global demand. An opportunity to participate in the manufacturing revolution as it evolves. We hope to eventually apply to list our Common Stock on the Nasdaq Capital Market (“NASDAQ”) if we raise enough money in this offering, however, we may not satisfy NASDAQ’s initial quotation standards and, even if we do, we may be removed from quotation in the future.
  • High Margins — 70+ percent gross margin since 2015.
  • Rapid Product Adoption— The Predator3D achieved 778% revenue growth from 2016 to 2018.
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