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I wish additional information and would like to setup a call with Christopher Pruette, Finance Director of Coherix.

Use the link below to schedule a call today.
You can also call directly at (734) 922 4072 or email your question(s) to Christopherp@coherix.com.

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I’m ready to invest online through our transfer agent, Colonial Stock Transfer.

I understand that the IRS requires Colonial Stock Transfer to collect my Social Security Number and/or Tax ID number (for Corporation, LLC, Partnership, etc.) and sufficient data to complete IRS Form W-9.

Secure Investment Portal

I’m ready to invest, but do not wish to submit my personal information over the internet.

Please call (734) 922 4072 to submit over the phone.

Our website and investor presentation have key information available if you would like to continue learning more about Coherix and complete your due dilligence before making an investment.

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